Those of you who know my husband are aware of his overtly expressive nature (for those of you who don’t — well, that was completely sarcastic).

I love my husband. And, one of the things I love most about him is his stoic attitude through most – if not all – experiences.

Seriously, the man is the personified version of Grumpy from Snow White. (I have purchased him countless Grumpy-themed merchandise. It’s definitely a thing.) I wholeheartedly believe that Grumpy Cat is his spirit animal.

Being the caring, thoughtful individual that I am, I decided that I must capture these emotions, for that light should not be hidden under a bushel basket! Starting with our trip to Europe, I will be creating a (probably unlimited) series called “The many faces of Steve,” for posterity, and for your viewing pleasure.

Today’s episode: Barcelona, Spain!

The Many Faces of Steve: episode 1 (Barcelona, Spain)

If you don’t believe I’m being completely serious in my documentation, here are a few pieces of photographic evidence from the trip:


So, there you have it! My wonderful hubby and his expressive, explosive personality. I wouldn’t have him any other way. 🙂

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