An exotic pet

An exotic pet

“Oh, look how adorable! Abner, can we keep him? Please say we can keep him!”

“Agnes, we can’t just take any stray that wanders in from the streets. He probably has fleas. But, still… he is rather cute.”

“Yes, he is! We certainly can’t turn him out now. Look, it’s raining outside?”

“I suppose one night couldn’t hurt… Now, how did you get in here, little fella?”

“Really, Abner. You’re scaring him. Look, he’s shaking all over.”

I press my back into the wall behind me and close my eyes. Let this just be a dream. When I open them, nothing changes. The two massive dragons in front of me face each other, making archaic grunts and growls while they wave massive claws in the air. Were I not ready to pee myself, I would find the whole scene rather amusing – two dragons (real dragons!) having some strange argument I am not privy to.

They act rather like an old married couple.

And, they keep looking at me like I’m the animal.




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