My little Newsies musical comic tribute:

Newsies musical comic tribute


After seeing Newsies: the Broadway musical this past week, I just had to make a Newsies musical comic tribute.

Like, there wasn’t even a choice.

You see, I have been a Newsies musical fan for – well, for as long as I can remember. I saw the original Newsies movie for the first time years and years ago. Several of my friends and I created our own little Newsies group. We had Newsies names (mine was Santa Faye – Faye for short – because I had the biggest crush on Jack Kelly. He was totally mine.)


Anyway, I created my very first website – a Newsies fan site complete with fan fiction, poems, song lyrics, drawings… you name it. My closest friend (still to this day!) was none other than Skweeker McCain, who was infamous in the Newsies web world. (Seriously – if you don’t know who that is, well, you’re either just too young or NOT a total fanatic like we were are).

Coincidentally, I moved to an area where another Newsies fanatic (and good friend of Skweeker) lived.

Fast forward to this week and the chance to see Newsies: the Broadway musical. I sadly did not get to see it on Broadway (something that haunts me, let me tell you). The tour came close to our town, but I was unable to go to that, either. So when my friend Haley mentioned that they were doing a limited run of the musical at select theaters, and one in our town (Hallelujah!) I knew that this was my chance!

And let me tell you… it did not disappoint. Not only was I overwhelmed and overjoyed at every turn, I also got to witness a new generation of Newsies fans in the making. Seriously. These girls were absolutely adorable! The cast of the Broadway musical, dare I say, were even more endearing than the original cast! It won me over in a whole new way.

♥ Newsies as much as me? Check out the FIRST web site I ever created – a Newsies tribute site called “Newsies World.” Yes, it still exists! Trust me. It’s rather entertaining…. 🙂

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