Interruptions when I try to work or create things – a Socially Awkward Comic

Interruptions when I try to work or create things – a Socially Awkward Comic


Interruptions at every turn…

Even without young kids running around at my feet, I certainly have my hands full in this household! Case in point: each and every time I sit down at my desk, or curl up on the couch with sketchbook in hand, the interruptions abound. Veruca wants fed, or needs water, or wants out on the porch, or wants cuddles. Bama wants to play, or eat, or go outside, or watch me watch her play on the floor, or do nothing at all as long as she has my undivided attention. Steve turns into a massive, attention-hungry man-child.

I no sooner put a pencil to paper when the interruptions start.

So, I apologize in advance if sometimes I am frazzled, or I post something at midnight, or forget to post at all. At least now you have a little visual of the reasons why. 😉


Work Week: a Socially Awkward web comic

Work Week: a Socially Awkward web comic

work week

Every work week is the same…

Monday starts off with a desperate need for coffee and a dark corner away from people. Tuesday is better (not much), but the weekend still feels like a far distant dream. By Wednesday, our work week runs at full source and we start to turn a little stir crazy. Then, Thursday comes and we long for alcohol because – good lord – nothing else will work at this point. Finally, Fridays sweep in like a guardian angel, here to save us from the monotony. We put in our appearance at work, then race off to enjoy the weekend.

So the cycle continues….

Autoimmune Disease Illustrated Guide (a Socially Awkward Comic)

Autoimmune Disease Illustrated Guide (a Socially Awkward Comic)


Click on the panels to the right to begin reading:

Autoimmune disease illustrated guide: a visual way to explain a hidden ailment…

It seems like anyone who, like me, struggles with an (or multiple) autoimmune disorder(s) knows they royally suck. Furthermore, trying to explain it to someone who doesn’t have an autoimmune disorder exactly what happens to our bodies can be downright mind-boggling, both to the person who we are trying to explain and for ourselves. Because, let’s face it – trying to come up with the words that describe our horrible daily struggles is akin to a trip to the dentist. (No? Just me?) Therefore, I decided to come up with an autoimmune disease illustrated guide (a.k.a. a web comic -that’s how I roll) as an easy, visually pleasing way to describe just what autoimmune disease is and how it works!

A quick breakdown…

  • Phase I: During phase 1, the body seems like it has a normal, healthy immune system. This is because the immune system does it’s job and finds bad bacteria, then removes the threat.
  • Phase II: While in phase 2 (the early stages of autoimmune disease), the immune system starts attacking good bacteria as well as bad.
  • Phase IIIFinally, in full-blown autoimmune disease, the immune system is so hyper-sensitive that it often begins to attack itself.

(I know there are autoimmune disorders out there that, in addition to overacting, under-perform to the point that it cannot fight off diseases. Yet, I do not have that problem so I drew based off of what I know. However, I will probably create the opposite as a guide sometime soon.)

In conclusion, I hope that this comic helps to educate folks and – most of all – gets a good chuckle. 🙂

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