Interruptions when I try to work or create things – a Socially Awkward Comic

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Web Comic | 0 comments

Interruptions at every turn…

Even without young kids running around at my feet, I certainly have my hands full in this household! Case in point: each and every time I sit down at my desk, or curl up on the couch with sketchbook in hand, the interruptions abound. Veruca wants fed, or needs water, or wants out on the porch, or wants cuddles. Bama wants to play, or eat, or go outside, or watch me watch her play on the floor, or do nothing at all as long as she has my undivided attention. Steve turns into a massive, attention-hungry man-child.

I no sooner put a pencil to paper when the interruptions start.

So, I apologize in advance if sometimes I am frazzled, or I post something at midnight, or forget to post at all. At least now you have a little visual of the reasons why. 😉


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