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GOT S7 Premiere Reaction (a SociallyAwkward comic)

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Web Comic | 0 comments

Game of Thrones (GOT) Season 7 Premiere – My Reactions

Ours is a staunch GOT household. We do not, as a rule, watch a lot of television. One show before bed (our living room TV has legitimately not been touched since last Thanksgiving. Or when our pet sitter stays over. But I don’t count that because WE aren’t technically the ones watching it…)

Anyway, all that to say that GOT is one of the only shows we will watch on the same night it airs. So when they finally – FINALLY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! – aired the season 7 premiere, I was oh so ready. And I may have gotten a little excited during Arya’s intro. Or cried a little too hard at the scene with the Hound in the middle of the night. Or — well, let’s just say a lot of different emotions were involved. So, I thought I’d share them here. 🙂

What about you? Favorite parts of the episode? Least favorite? I’d love to compare notes!

P.S. Enjoy the comic! <3


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