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Never-ending Cycle (a Socially Awkward web comic)

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Web Comic | 0 comments

It’s a never-ending cycle…

I’ve been on both sides of this coin. Thin. Fat. The cycle is never-ending. And while I definitely prefer the thin side, the path to get there is long, arduous, and requires me to give up sugar 100% during the journey – a feat I loathe with every fiber of my being, despite it being the only thing that works for me and – let’s be honest – a healthy thing to do (we eat entirely too much sugar in this house and my family has a huge history of diabetes…. *shudder*). So yes, the cycle is never-ending. Yes, the path isn’t easy. But it’s worth it. Mostly. Until I’m really craving something sweet.

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