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First Pedicure (a Socially Awkward web comic)

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Web Comic | 0 comments

When a man gets his first pedicure…

I have long tried to get Steve to get his first pedicure. He tries to keep his toes and feet groomed and tidy, but there’s nothing like the experience of going to a spa and getting pampered for an hour. But, every time I mention the possibility, he scoffs at the mere idea of a man getting a pedicure. Who does such a thing?! (Lots of people, but I digress.)

During our beach vacation this summer, I scheduled myself a pedicure and jokingly mentioned scheduling one for him. Imagine my surprise when he actually said yes! Of course this momentous occasion had to be recorded!

And so, dear reader, I give you Steve’s first pedicure. Enjoy. 🙂

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