2022 Holiday Coloring Page

2022 Holiday Coloring Page
2022 Holiday Coloring Page

Savor just a little more of the holiday spirit by coloring in this 2022 holiday coloring page featuring several popular TikTok creators: @tacoreacts, @sweettartesss, @the_realbearded1, @officer_eudy, and @officer_scales.

I have gotten so many requests to draw them, and a few requesting a group portrait and me (being a total masochist) thought sure! I’ll draw all of them together. But then my ADHD brain decided nope, gonna draw them individually. But what to do with this sketch? I couldn’t get rid of it! So it sat in my files just kind of. . . there.
Fast forward to Christmas week. I was going through some of my old drafts and saw the sketch and all of a sudden—LIGHTBULB! So I added some fun holiday bling and suddenly, the picture seemed finished. So I inked it and decided to share it with you, fellow TikTokers, as a fun coloring page. So print it out, grab some markers or crayons, and de-stress from all the holiday craziness.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😉

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