meet dug

Meet Dug: our newest fur baby (a Socially Awkward comic)

Meet Dug, our newest fur baby! For those who don't know our newest cuddle bug yet, meet Dug. He's a 50 lb., sweet-as-pie, lovable, huggable, kissable, Tazmanian devil with a bundle of energy. We got him from a wonderful local rescue called Southern...
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socially awkward web comic

. . . a web comic by [email protected]

Tripping over life and pretending it is on purpose.

Welcome to my little web comic, SociallyAwkward. If you are a glutton for punishment repeat visitor – glad to have you back! Otherwise, if you’ve never been here before – thanks for coming!

First day of fall (a Socially Awkward comic)

First day of fall I love fall. Everything about it - the crinkling of leaves, the scent of bonfires and toasted marshmallows, the taste of pumpkin (to a degree. I'm not crazy-white-girl-pumpkin-spice in love with fall. I like my pumpkin in moderation). But...

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Jazz Lounge Singer (a SociallyAwkward comic)

Jazz it up a little This week's comic is brought to you by a fun Instagram contest for the end of August. The only rule for the subject was: black-and-white. I decided to go with a vintage jazz style straight from the Roaring Twenties. (Which, let's be...

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Beach Vacation 2017 (a SociallyAwkard comic)

 Beach vacation - SociallyAwkward style! Okay so this didn't *really* happen. (And, as much as we looove our fur babies, vacation time means the kids stay at home with a sitter while we frolic and recharge.) But, we are both huge beach bums. We do a yearly...

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Anger (a Socially Awkward web comic)

Everyone deals with anger differently We all have different levels of anger. Our anger manifests in unique ways. When people push my buttons, I react swiftly. Like a fire, my rage burns bright and quick, then fizzles. Steve, on the other hand... Well,...

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Liberty for All (a SociallyAwkward comic)

Liberty (and justice) for ALL... Sometimes I get so tired. Tired of all the hatred, dissent, division, and fear. Or, tired of feeling helpless, voiceless, and lost. Most of all, tired of praying and wishing for a better tomorrow, when it all just feels so...

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