Spring Cleaning: or, how I make even bigger messes

Spring Cleaning: or, how I make even bigger messes

Spring cleaning always gets the best of me.

I don’t know what it is. Every time I sit down to start a spring cleaning endeavor, I am determined to clear out my closet, our bedroom, the spare rooms, everything of all the junk that has accumulated in the past year. And every time, I have the best of intentions. I channel my inner cleaning goddess, roll up my sleeves, and go full-out KonMari.


That whole thing where you’re supposed to take EVERYTHING out where you can see it, then start purging? Well… sometimes I don’t get that far. Sometimes (okay, most of the time) as soon as I start taking things out of their boxers or containers, I am suddenly walking down memory lane. Before I know it, HOURS have passed and I haven’t made even a single dent in all of the clutter!

But, hey, there’s always a need for a pair of Minnie Mouse bride ears, amiright?

April Fools: a Socially Awkward comic by Danaye . Shiplett

April Fools!

Personally, I’m not a fan of April Fools Day. But that may be because I’m usually the fool in these situations. (Gullible – that’s me.) However, I know that so many of you LOVE playing pranks on unsuspecting victims like me, so I thought I’d draw this little comic in commemoration.

I mean, let’s face it. I’d never get away with this in real life… 🙂

Interruptions when I try to work or create things – a Socially Awkward Comic

Interruptions when I try to work or create things – a Socially Awkward Comic

Interruptions at every turn…

Even without young kids running around at my feet, I certainly have my hands full in this household! Case in point: each and every time I sit down at my desk, or curl up on the couch with sketchbook in hand, the interruptions abound. Veruca wants fed, or needs water, or wants out on the porch, or wants cuddles. Bama wants to play, or eat, or go outside, or watch me watch her play on the floor, or do nothing at all as long as she has my undivided attention. Steve turns into a massive, attention-hungry man-child.

I no sooner put a pencil to paper when the interruptions start.

So, I apologize in advance if sometimes I am frazzled, or I post something at midnight, or forget to post at all. At least now you have a little visual of the reasons why. 😉


Work Week: a Socially Awkward web comic

Work Week: a Socially Awkward web comic

Every work week is the same…

Monday starts off with a desperate need for coffee and a dark corner away from people. Tuesday is better (not much), but the weekend still feels like a far distant dream. By Wednesday, our work week runs at full source and we start to turn a little stir crazy. Then, Thursday comes and we long for alcohol because – good lord – nothing else will work at this point. Finally, Fridays sweep in like a guardian angel, here to save us from the monotony. We put in our appearance at work, then race off to enjoy the weekend.

So the cycle continues….