“A silver pocket watch glints in the sunlight at the girl’s waist and catches the thief’s eye. She gasps. That watch could buy her new gloves. Maybe even a new outfit. Just another step. Almost there.”

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socially awkward web comic

. . . a web comic by young@art

Tripping over life and pretending it is on purpose.

Welcome to my little web comic, SociallyAwkward. If you are a glutton for punishment repeat visitor – glad to have you back! Otherwise, if you’ve never been here before – thanks for coming!

Last Rites

“So, this is how it all ends. Virginal sacrifice to some hideous god-monster. What a sick joke…”
Last Rites, a flash fiction piece by yours truly. Check it out at the link below!

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Lonely is dark. Lonely is the feeling of nighttime that stretches forever, a shadow that devours and suffocates. Light withers and wanes in its icy grip. Flames extinguish. Lonely is tears. Lonely is the feeling that runs bleak and black down the heart. And with each...

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Unanswered Texts (flash fiction)

Silence wakes her. Heavy, suffocating, broken only by ragged breaths and a name on her lips. She chokes back a sob and reaches for her phone, sends a text she knows she'll regret. You won't answer, but... I miss you. The screen remains stagnant. Wide awake now, she...

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Weathering the Storm

Weathering the Storm is a new-adult short story that I wrote several years ago. Recently, I dusted it off and did some major re-writes. The newly finished version is below for your reading pleasure. I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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16 writers & artists you should follow

With countless numbers of talent all over the world, it's hard to narrow the list to just the ones below. However, I wanted to focus on my personal favorites because they have influenced my own art and writing in more ways than I could even know. I hope that you enjoy...

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Migration (an essay)

Every once in a while, I will dig through my old files -- whether it be to organize and archive or because I'm feeling a little nostalgic for bygone days. So, I thought it might be fun to start posting some of my particular favorite writings, musings, and drawings....

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Illustration Friday: Party!

This piece was done as a recent wedding present. I thought it would be perfect for this week's Illustration Friday prompt, which is "Party." I'd definitely say they are having a little party -- especially the lone woman dancing. ;) Image done in mixed media (colored...

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