My husband is a saint.

(Just don’t tell him I say so – I’ll deny everything.)

Seriously though, I can’t really imagine how someone so left-brained, so… logical can put up with the whirlwind that is my existence. We have this little joke that the inside of his head is a tiny Hitler screaming at everyone in German. (I’ve been told my sense of humor is rather dark. I apologize in advance.)

In turn, he quips that I am the butterfly girl from Blind Melon’s “No Rain” music video, dancing aimlessly through a field of wildflowers. If you have no idea what that music video is (do they still do music videos?), then I am happy to present, for your viewing pleasure, “No Rain” by Blind Melon. You’re welcome.

(Random side note – that girl does look remarkably like me as a child.)

So, back to the joys of living with a creative, right-brained, artistic individual (that is to say: me, individually. I make no claims that all other artists are exactly like me. That would be weird.).

How accurate is my Dear Husband (DH) on his assessment of me? Let me count the ways:

A compilation of my husband and my various alter-egos.

A compilation of my husband and my various alter-egos.

  • My DH will often (daily) find me standing in the middle of the room with a vacant look on my face, lost in my own thoughts. (And forever frustrated that I wonder why I am always running late).
  • No day ends without the question, “Have you seen my phone?” being asked (out loud, by me, in intense frustration) at least hourly. I have once left my phone in between the top lip of our freezer drawer and the bottom lip of the refrigerator door. (There is photographic evidence.)
  • I will begin conversations in my head, continue them out loud, and expect DH to follow along. Usually, I get a blank have-you-lost-your-mind stare.
  • I take forever to get to the point of a story. I blame creative writing classes. (Backstory, people!)
  • My moods change without notice, and often.
  • Too many fragmented, unfinished thoughts run through my head before I jump to the next ones. This makes me a bit scatterbrained.
  • I am insanely stubborn. To the point of obsession.
  • I am selectively OCD. Things visually can drive me crazy, but I will “walk over a pile of dirty laundry to fix a blind that is one centimeter off.” (DH’s words)
  • I cry at least once at every Disney movie. Ever.
  • (Have I mentioned I’m emotional?)
  • I love naps.
  • Shiny objects distract me.
  • (Like, really emotional.)
  • I overthink everything. No lie. I will stare at something I’ve created until I hate it.
  • I am passionate. (Another word for emotional.)
  • Most things I do are spontaneous scattered rather than goal-oriented.

(And, yikes, that’s only a quick snapshot! )

What do you think – is this list fairly accurate of a creative individual? Feel free to add any other “artistic” descriptions in the comments below!