I have a rather eclectic taste in music (as you will discover with the 20 awesome songs I’ve compiled below). 🙂

(There. You’ve been warned.)

Seriously, though. Where lots of people I know tend to gravitate to specific genres as a whole, my ears cross many boundaries. I have my favorites: alternative and grunge, blues, jazz, big-band/swing always top the list. (I told you. Eclectic.) But, I also love many pop songs, country and “southern-fried” rock, hard rock/heavy metal, and some rap (mostly old school, though. Let’s not go wild.)

Did I miss any genres? Because, honestly, I’m sure I’ve got a few favorites in other areas, as well. Like, Indie Rock. Okay, what’s the deal with Indie Rock? Don’t get me wrong. I seriously love it. But, it’s like Alternative’s not-quite-rock younger sibling. It wants to be rock(ish), it really does, and it tries so hard…

Sorry. Getting off track. Playlists! That’s what we’re talking about today, and awesome songs with which to create. As you can see by my mostly coherent ramblings above, what I listen to varies greatly on my mood, or what type of art I am creating, or what I am writing. So, I have compiled a list of 20–you guessed it, awesome!—songs that really get my creative juices flowing. Or, I just really like to listen to them. Anyway, without further ado:

20 awesome songs to spark creativity!

(I’ve also added a link to the song’s official YouTube video, if one exists.)

  1. Left Hand Free (alt-J)
  2. Trip Switch (Nothing but Thieves)
  3. Take Me to Church (Hozier)
  4. Julep (Punch Brothers)
  5. Heathens (twenty one pilots)
  6. Someday, Baby (R.L. Burnside)
  7. I Feel a Sin Comin’ On (Pistol Annies)
  8. Ex’s and Oh’s (Elle King)
  9. Hell No (Ingrid Michaelson)
  10. In Chains (Shaman’s Harvest)
  11. Hades Pleads (Parker Millsap)
  12. Circadian Rhythm (Silversun Pickups)
  13. Lydia (Highly Suspect)
  14. The Sound of Silence (Disturbed – though I also love the original!)
  15. Hide Away (Daya)
  16. Let it Go (James Bay)
  17. Drag Me Down (One Direction)
  18. Me Too (Meghan Trainor)
  19. It Has Begun (Starset)
  20. Hayloft (Nickel Creek)

And, there you have it! I’ll probably have a completely new one for you next month, but for now – enjoy! Don’t forget to let me know what songs are YOUR favorite to listen to for creativity!