Color blind: the art of love

Heart in Ishihara color blind test plate

I want to be color blind.

Probably a strange thing for an artist to claim, to want to lack the ability to see colors correctly. I do not mean this in the literal sense. To be color-blind has two different connotations and I can see color just fine. I have no desire to lose that ability.

But, I do want to be color blind.

color blind

adjective | col·or–blind | \-ˌblīnd\
: unable to see the difference between certain colors
: treating people of different skin colors equally

I cannot in good conscience say that I am truly color-blind, as much as I would like to. Prejudice runs rampant in our society — whether it be toward race, socioeconomic status, sexuality, religion… the list goes on and on. No one person is truly color-blind. We all judge (and have been judged by) others.

We can easily say that we are accepting of others, but it is much more difficult to act upon in a world where opinions are given more freely than any other time in history (thanks to the internet and social media). Behind the anonymity of a computer screen, we become the world’s biggest critics. We condemn. We spew words of hatred, words meant to divide and tear down. We fear what we do not understand, and fear leads to hatred. Hatred leads to violence and pain.

In light of all of the horrible acts that are being committed in the world today (the Orlando shooting of the Pulse nightclub, police-on-civilian brutality, civilian-on-police brutality, ISIS attacks across the globe), I feel compelled to look inward. I like to think I am a good person. I give to charity. I feel empathy toward those who are suffering. But, I can do more. I can be better. I can do my part to end the cycle.

Because, when does it end? Where does it stop? Who will be the ones to say: enough is enough?

Enough with hatred.

Enough with blame.

Enough with division.

It stops when we quit feeding the monster. Focus instead on love, acceptance, and compassion. Love your neighbor. Three small words. One powerful and unyielding command.

It does NOT state: Love your neighbor IF…

  • Love your neighbor IF he makes as much money as you.
  • Love your neighbor IF she has the same skin color.
  • Love your neighbor IF his love is heterosexual.
  • Love your neighbor IF her beliefs are the same as yours.

It simply states:

  • Love.
  • Your.
  • Neighbor.

No exceptions. No excuses.

Now is the time to act. Stop feeding the hatred. Stop feeding this sense of “me vs. them.” We are all in this together. We are all on this planet together. We are all striving to make this world a better place for our children, and our children’s children.

Love is the reason.

Love is the answer.

Just love. ♥

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